jueves, 5 de julio de 2012

Let’s sum up

I must say that I have learnt quite a number of things in the brief period of this course.
I have learnt how to use news tools from Microsoft Word and Powerpoint. What's more, I have learnt how to deliver a Power Point presentation in only 3 minutes!
In adition to that, I now know how to differntiate between a serious and reliable web site from one which is untrustworthy. This, I consider, is vital when Googling for information to use in our classes.

This subject has helped me realised that no matter how much you think you know about something, there's always something new, there is always a catch.
I believe this subject is essential for any teacher. If you take into account that our students were born already immersed in a techy World, teachers need to keep up with them and become an active member of the technological World.
As American writer Stewart Brand once said, “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller, you're part of the road.”


viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Who am I?

Introducing me

Hi everyone :)
My name is Luz. I'm 24 years old and I'm a teacher to-be.
I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a student at Teacher Training College at the Liceo Cultural Britanico.

In this blog I will be sharing some of the papers I had done in this course.
Hope you like them!

viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

Validating a Web Site*

Validating a web site

In order to complete this assessment, we learned how to validate a website.It was necessary to take into account a number of steps, such as checking the authority, the accuracy and the objective of the site, so as to be sure that it was trustworthy.This assessment was done in teams of two. I worked with Vanesa and, in my humble opinion, we made quite a great team. We chose an article published in the NEA webpage on Classroom Management. It is a really interesting article.
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

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viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

Chat Session*

We had a chat session :)
Even though it was only an hour chat, I can say that it was very useful to learn new things in a fun and interactive way.
I learnt new chat jargon. Even though I was already familiar with some of the acronyms, I was able to pick up more and put into practice the ones I already knew.
What's more, the chat session gave me the opportunity to reflect upon the benefits of chatting and how it is possible to implement this wonderful tool in teaching.
I also got to know the website  http://www.simplemeet.me/# which enables you to chat with other people without having to worry about instaling any programme in your computer :)
I had a great time in the chat session

C U L8R!


viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

The Story of Yahoo!

Chapter 7 Yahoo!This is my Power Point presentation on Yahoo!.
It is based on Chapter 7 from the book "The Story of the Internet".

This is a great oportunity for you to learn how Yahoo! developed and evolved into the powerful Website we all know today.

At the same time, it was a great experience for me as I learnt a lot about the origins of the Internet while doing my powerpoint presentation and, at the same time, I learnt even more when looking at my classmates presentations.
It was a great lesson, I'm glad I could be a part of it!

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viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

My very first assessment session*

Assessment #1

This is the first Assessment we had to do in class.
Before doing this assessment we went through some of the tools such as the spelling checker, footnotes, hyperlink, among others. We also learnt how to find pictures on Flickrcc that can be used without having to worried about copyright.
For the Assessment, we had to modify a .txt document following some guidelines and then, we could add a personal touch if we wanted, I chose to add a colour frame :)
The text is about Spam and the origin of this word.

I Hope you like it and enjoy it!

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